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PMK Fans!!! [26 Mar 2017|11:08pm]

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looking for pmk manga [25 Sep 2015|11:07am]


I am interested in buying the shinsengumi peace maker (and by extension the peace maker kurogane vols) manga, but I have though luck in finding the first series anywhere. I have first two volumes in german by Tokyopop and would like to continue collecting the edition (vols 3-5), but I am also interested in the english version. I can't seem to find it anywhere for a reasonable price, except Amazon, which is out of the question, because I live in Poland and Amazon doesn't ship here.

If anyone would be willing to help me I would be very happy and grateful! Thank you :) 
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suzu/yoshida doujinshi [19 Feb 2015|11:41pm]

Hi everyone, I have a few Suzu/Yoshida doujins for sale on my journal. The post is here if you're interested.
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AMV [23 Feb 2012|10:25pm]

Hi, everyone!
I'm posting my new PMK-amv here just to make some news in this awesome community)
And for you to enjoy =D
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[14 Dec 2011|09:18am]

Hello everyone, I have a Peacemaker Kurogane TV Animation Perfect Guidebook Vol 2 and the TV Animation Starter Book for sale. Both are in Japanese and fairly new as I've only looked at them once.

Visit my journal for more details and pictures, as well as other anime items. Thanks for looking!
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DVD set for sale [04 Nov 2011|10:03pm]


I have this DVD set for sale. The first one at the top is the case and the other 5 are the DVDs that come with it. Its the entire set. I'm selling it for $35. I ship from U.S. and will ship international. If you see anything that interests you, please don't hesitate to comment. Click here to the sales page. I have a feedback page here so that you’ll know it’s safe to buy from me. Thanks for looking!

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eBay auctions [25 Sep 2011|07:48pm]

Selling PMK items on eBay:


Search series in the "Find" field.

Thank you for your interest!
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SELLING: Peacemaker Kurogane raw manga [04 Sep 2011|04:26pm]

available items
☆ Art Programs
☆ Anime DVDs
☆ Manga Magazines
☆ Novels
☆ Raw Manga (tankoubon)
★ Pandora Hearts, Kuroshitsuji, ZOMBIE-LOAN, Shounen Shinkaron, Houshin Engi, -di[e]ce-, Peacemaker Kurogane, Kurenai Ouji, D.Gray-Man, 07-Ghost, Nightmare Inspector: Yumekui Kenbun
☆ Video Games/Visual Novels

available HERE
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FIC: All is fair in love and war 5/? [07 Jun 2011|01:58pm]

Here is chapter 5^^

Title: All is fair in love and war
Author: superkalifragi
Summary: Hijikata and Souji are together for three months now, but the problems are just starting: Hijikata has issues and Souji thinks that even monks have more of a sex life than he has.
Warnings: Excessive abuse of alcohol?
Pairing: Hijikata/Souji
Rating: Safe for now

Chapter 5
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holy moly [18 Mar 2011|04:47pm]

scans of the raw for volume 6 exists:

have fun y'all.
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Chrono Nanae is safe! [13 Mar 2011|03:06pm]

As i though, she's fine and this is what she posted on her blog few minutes ago.

The post says:

A terrible earthquake came

I live in Utsunomiya and aside from dumped books i have no other problems.
Even now I don't know what i can say to all of those that have been affected. I hope that at least you can reunite with one or many of your family members.( ┰_┰)

Even though I live far i'd like to help at least a bit.
Starting of with saving electricity and donation.

Hopefully this will calm down few of you :) (and i think i should add that translation was done in a hurry)

x-posted [info]vassalord  and [info]chrono_nanae 
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[colouring & icons] [23 Jan 2011|12:15am]

Extremely late, but just a handful of icons and colourings I did recently:

Okita (1)
Shinpachi (2)

Okita (4)
Shinpachi (3)

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Review of Peace Maker Kurogane vol. 6 [20 Jan 2011|10:37am]

Post below reminded me i still have not posted this here. I don't' know why i forgot to do this earlier >_< ... and i even promised i'll post it here as soon as possbile D:

Anyway this is just copy/past from chrono_nanae  so sorry if some parts are not as coherent as they could be.
And since i dont' remember if this was ever posted as individual post here i'll say it for those that don't know.
PMK is back. And its been back ever since middle of 2009, but first real chapter was published at the end of same year. THe chapters are being published through cellphone site, so we who have no access to it will just have to wait for volume releases. First new volume, Peace Maker Kurogane volume 6, was published, now, last year in November. Personally i'm exacting vol. 7 at the same time this year. Anyway on to the copy/past part

Its first time for me to do a review of manga book so if its not what you wanted to see/know let me know and i'll try to cover what i've missed as well.

Cut for the spoilers ~~Collapse )

My general thoughts.Collapse )
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The community is still alive? O_O; [19 Jan 2011|07:23pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Wow, I've been a apart of this community since 2005 (though i was under a different user name up until the beginning of last year) and I'm happy to see its still kicking. I do recall a time when it sort of died and I was like, "Nooo this cannot happen!" Ah but I came here with two things in mind to ask/talk about.

First thing is that will we ever see an ending to the second series of the manga? I'm on pins and needles here! Second, I have been itching to write some fics (one-shots mostly) and wanted to know if anyone wanted me to write a pairing or character in particular? 

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Mysteriou PMK chapters [08 Dec 2010|08:34pm]

This may be a bit messy since it copy/paste from chrono_nanae but it think its clear enough to understand what i'm asking.

Its about Shinsengumi Peace Maker bluk version that was released this year. vol. 3 did not end as i though it will so...

Some time ago (i think it was back in 2008) somebody asked about this video and got replies that nobody seen it scaned but it was released as extra in one of the magazines.
What you see in the video is on the last pages of Shinsengumi Peace Maker vol. 3
What i'd like to know is if any of you recalls this being in any of the mangas yet? Anybody knows if its in vol. 6 as well? (i have yet to receive my copy -.-;;) and if by now any scanlations appeared, or just scanned version? I don't remember spotting it, but i may have missed it. If nobody knows anything about it i'll scan it.
Also remember this? The prologue chapter that suppose to be in vol. 6 as well (but as said i don't know for sure yet xD). With slight difference in panel order, with no text with black background and extra 8-9 pages. I'd also like to ask that somebody confirms for me if this is actually in vol. 6.
I'm really hoping that somebody bought and already got their own copy xD . If non of it is included in vol. 6 or just partially, i'll scan it from Shinsengumi Peace Maker vol. 3 before i put it on sale, but if it is included i'll just wait for my vol. 6 and provide you with some goodies than :D
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[Fanfic] Pushing Him Away [28 Nov 2010|01:21am]

Pushing Him Away

Rating: PG-13 (?)
Remarks: Main characters are Hijikata Toshizou and Okita Souji from Peace Maker Kurogane by Chrono Nanae. This was written after reading volume 6 of PMK which was released not too long ago, so there may be some SPOILERS. Also, there’s hinted BL (Hijikata x Okita) so if you’re against such things, then don’t read. Here to continue readingCollapse )
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PMK pencil board sale! [11 Oct 2010|12:26pm]

Hi all,

I'm selling 2 beautiful PMK shitajiki / pencil boards, together with lots of other anime goods [[ HERE ]]
Please feel free to take a look. Thank you!
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[Fic] All is fair in love and war - Chapter 4 [13 Sep 2010|09:12pm]

Title: All is fair in love and war
Author: superkalifragi 
Hijikata and Souji are together for three months now, but the problems are just starting: Hijikata has issues and Souji thinks that even monks have more of a sex life than he has.
Pairing: Hijikata/Souji
Rating: safe for work

Genre: romance, humor, BL
Disclaimer: I don´t own Peacemaker Kurogane

Chapter 4
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Tatsu x Susumu [10 Sep 2010|08:23pm]

[ mood | tired ]

So ... I'm looking for Tatsu x Susumu ... anything xD This has to be like the most rare pairing of rare pairings.  But other than the obvious canon HijiOki, it's the only one that caught my eye.

Any recs ... pics, fics, ANYTHING? *wibble eyes* xD

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took a snap while in animate [28 Jul 2010|12:32am]

i stopped coming here because apparently people thought this was some kind of swapmeet/ebay listing. so this might be one of my last postings here for those who enjoy the series

while i was shopping in animate, caught a glimpse of this. time to end things finally huh
here we go
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